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We are the united kingdom's longest established specialist supplier of pictures, mirrors and dementia orientated memorabilia for care homes.

Whether you want to simply decorate your care home or extra care unit to improve your residents' surroundings, we can assist you with attractive design. if your property has residents who suffer from elderly dementia or learning difficulties, we can theme the whole property or individual units to assist with their care. 

It is relatively simple to improve the safety of your residents by installing artwork that helps them find their way around the property; this can be by installing artwork that varies on each floor, or by varying the frame colour on each floor - say silver on one floor, gold on another and light wood on another, for instance. Think of the benefits to staff, let alone the residents, if they can use pictures as a 'roadmap' to find their way around the corridors.

Alternatively, if required we can theme different areas - say reproduction advertisements in one, period photographs of the immediate area in another, farming heritage in another area, sport from the 60s and 70s, the Royal Family, the list is endless. 

It may sound very simple, but pictures of food, coffee or dining in or near the dining room, picture of a bathroom or something related like sea-shells near a bathroom, help residents find their way. Having different styles of picture in each sitting room helps enormously, say beach scenes in one,                                                                   

a landscape in another,                                                                                     really whatever is felt to fit in with your general


If care home design is                                                                                        simply driving your selection of the pictures for                                                               property, whilst you may not want                                                                                     dementia orientated memory jogger pictures,                                                                  the same

rules are useful to take                                                                                      into account when selecting. 

If you would like us to                                                                                         take the strain and put together a design, we                                                                  can do that for you - there is no                                                                                    charge for our services after over twenty years                                                               of doing this work. However, if                                                                                         you prefer to do this yourself we will assist in any                                                            way we can, providing printed or                                                                                   pdf catalogues and visiting the property with you.

We can offer a picture rental service if that helps your accounting, meaning that you have a smaller initial cost and subsequent payments can come out of income. There is also the option to have pictures changed periodically if you opt for a rental plan.

Mirrors can be specified to match the pictures and we can supply and install related items such as memory boxes, clocks and so on. 

All in all, our services are designed to make the last part of fitting out your property                                                                                        as simple, and inexpensive, as possible. After agreement on the pictures and mirrors, we will prepare and frame                                                                                            them in our own workshops, our own experienced staff will deliver and install them for you - what could be easier?

PRICE GUARANTEE - In the unlikely event that you find the same                                                                                            items elsewhere for less, we will guarantee to beat that price* 

We can liaise with designers, building contractors and your furniture or fit out contractors to arrive on site at the right time, so that you do not have to face an inspection or an opening date with the property unfinished. All designed to make things work as smoothly as possible for you.

We have provided some of our most popular pictures for you to browse on this website, however we have approaching a million print and photographic images available. If you don't see anything that you like, just give us a call on 0117 972 3938 or email us and we will be happy to forward further ideas for you or visit your office or property.

​Price guarantee only applies to normal trading conditions, not clearance or shut-down arrangements, or online offers.